12 Nightlife Words and Phrases You Need to Know in Hebrew

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Whether you like to party into the night, relax at a wine bar, or simply enjoy a drink with friends, these words and phrases will have you speaking (and feeling) like a local.

1. ?יש מקום על הבר

Translation: Is there room (to sit) on the bar?

Transliteration: yehsh mah-kohm ahl hah-bar?

2. ?אפשר טיפ באשראי

Translation: Can I put a tip on the credit card?

Transliteration: ehf-shahr tip bah-ahsh-rahi?

3. ?כמה עולה כניסה

Translation: How much does it cost to get in?

Transliteration: kah-mah oh-lah knee-sah?

4. בירה מהחבית

Translation: beer on tap

Transliteration: bee-rah meh-hah-chah-veet

5. משהו לנשנש ליד הבירה

Translation: something to snack on with the beer

Transliteration: mah-shu leh-nahsh-nehsh leh-yahd hah-bee-rah

6. צ׳ייסר

Translation: a half-shot of alcohol

Transliteration: chaser

7. ברמן / ברמנית

Translation: bartender

Transliteration: barman (m) / barmanit (f)

8. מסטול / מסטולה

Translation: very intoxicated

Transliteration: mahs-tool (m) / mahs-too-lah (f)

9. מחוק / מחוקה

Translation: wiped out

Transliteration: mah-chook (m) / meh-choo-kah (f)

10. סחי / סחית

Translation: boring, lame, sober, mainstream

Transliteration: sah-chee (m) / sah-cheet (f)

11. סטלן / סטלנית

Translation: stoner

Transliteration: saht-lahn (m) / saht-lah-neet (f)

12. אני במאנצ׳

Translation: I have the munchies.

Transliteration: ah-nee beh-munch.

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