What Tel Aviv’s Diverse Neighborhoods Should Really Be Called

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Tel Aviv might be considered a small city on paper, but she has plenty of diversity across all of her neighborhoods. Here’s a look inside what to expect from each one:

“Hipsterville” – Florentine

Why we love this neighborhood: Home to Tel Aviv’s best street art, Florentine is known for its grunge, street culture vibe. Here you’ll find lots of long beards, tattoos, piercings, and artists.

Since housing prices here are cheaper than the rest of the city, this neighborhood is packed with free-spirited individuals, and Tel Aviv’s famous hipsters. Here you’ll find endless tattoo parlors and Tel Aviv’s authentic market – Shuk Levinsky.

Take a walking tour of this neighborhood, or join the crowds on Friday mornings, when the streets come alive with great shops, vibes, and bars. Our recommendation? Take a few rounds of Ouzo (the famous Greek anise-flavored alcohol) at the Ouzeria!

Keywords: קַעֲקוּעַ, אָמָּנוּת רְחוֹב

Translation: tattoo, street art

Transliteration: kah-ah-koo-ah, oh-mah-noot reh-chohv

“Little SoHo” – Neve Tzedek

Why we love this neighborhood: Home of the fine arts and Bohemian culture, Neve Tzedek’s narrow, cozy streets are home to designer clothing stores, handmade jewelry shops, posh restaurants, and beautifully renovated architecture.

Get your culture fix at the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, and top the evening off with gourmet ice cream at Golda or Anita.

Better yet, check out the Old Train Station, now a fun-filled promenade with plenty of options to enjoy your day or evening.

Keywords: תַּכְשִׁיטִים, מוֹפָע

Translation: jewelry, performance

Transliteration: tahch-shee-teem, moh-fah

“Little Paris” – Bograshov Street

Why we love this neighborhood: Parisian vibes line Bograshov Street, with help from French bakeries and restaurants. The street leads you from one of Tel Aviv’s nicest beaches, past the Dizengoff Center, all the way to HaBima. On the way you’ll see endless chic clothing stores, such as Urban and Pastel Junkies.

What else? Bograshov offers one of Tel Aviv’s top hummus places: Mashawasha.

Keywords: מַאֲפִיָּה, אֹופְנָה

Translation: bakery, fashion

Transliteration: mah-ah-fee-yah, ohf-nah

“Suburbia” – The Old North

Why we love this neighborhood: The Old North definitely has a suburban feeling, yet is only a few minutes from the bustling city center.

Here you’ll see plenty of young families, beautiful couples, and quiet(er) streets. The nightlife in this part of town is defined by the many classy wine bars and cafés.

And, perhaps best of all, living here means having Yarkon Park as your backyard.

Keywords: יֻקְרָה, רָגוּעַ

Translation: fancy, relaxed

Transliteration: yoo-krah, rah-goo-ah

“Culture Shock” – Shapira

Why we love this neighborhood: The cultural diversity here makes it feel like you can visit 12 different countries, without ever stamping your passport. Here you’ll find local markets, as well as African, Asian, and Indian restaurants.

This up-and-coming neighborhood is also home to pop-up art galleries, and a hidden green space called Ganei Tikva Nature Garden, where you can escape the city’s buzz and jam to spontaneous music circles.

Keywords: גִּיווּן, הֶלֶם תַּרְבּוּת

Translation: diversity, culture shock

Transliteration: gee-voon, cheh-lem tar-boot

“A Taste of the Real Middle East” – Jaffa

Why we love this neighborhood: Salaam alaikum, as they say in Arabic, “Peace be upon you!”

Jaffa offers an authentic taste of Arabic culture, which means the dining is to die for, the bars have nargilah, and the architecture has that authentic “old-city” feel (not to mention, stunning views of the city and sea, lined with beautiful stone walls and picturesque arches)

The port is home to Tel Aviv’s top restaurants – The Old Man and the Sea, Benny the Fisherman – and the Flea Market always has something to offer.

The alleyways come to life at night with great music, tasty cocktails, and delicious food. Our favorite place? Café Puaa.

Keywords: סִמְטָה, עִיר הָעַתִּיקָה

Translation: alley, old city

Transliteration: seem-tah, eer hah-ah-tee-kah

“Tel Aviv’s Most Unexploited Real Estate” – The State Square

Why we love this neighborhood: Besides partying in Tel Aviv’s biggest (and arguably most beautiful) plaza at the annual Purim party, the square is home to Tel Aviv’s posh and designer clothing. (Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada all have stores here.)

The greenery inside the massive roundabout is great for sunbathing and letting your dog enjoy its freedom, but will likely be taken over by luxury apartments towers or hotels in the coming years.

Keywords: כִּכָּר, לְהִשְׁתַזֵף

Translation: square (plaza), to sunbathe

Transliteration: leh-ah-tzev, chah-gee-gah

“Kululu” – The Yemenite Quarter

Why we love this neighborhood: The Yemenite Quarter, or Kerem HaTeimanim (כֶּרֶם הַתֵּימָנִים) in Hebrew, is tightly packed with makeshift apartments and authentic Yemenite food.

Situated between the famous Carmel Market and the Mediterranean Sea, there’s always action happening here, most notably lively crowds on Friday mornings which come to enjoy the sidewalk cafés, such as Café Yom Tov and Beer Bazaar.

Our favorites? M25 for all you meat lovers, or alternatively, Balinjera for an authentic Ethiopian culinary experience (including plenty of vegan options).

Keywords: צָפוּף

Translation: crowded/tightly packed

Transliteration: tzah-foof

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