The Dating Game: 17 Unconventional Date Ideas in Tel Aviv

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Let’s be honest: Going to another bar or restaurant for a first date isn’t all that fun. Try some of these ideas to light the fire we all want on that first date.

1. Join an EatWith event.

Dine at a local’s home and enjoy their cooking. EatWith events promise great vibes and even better food.

Keywords: טַעַם, רֵיחַ

Translation: taste, smell

Transliteration: tah-ahm, ray-ahch

Insider’s Tip: Someone looking at you weird for your strange foodie preferences? Tell them “עַל טַעַם וְרֵיחַ אֵין מָה לְהִתְוַכֵּחַ” which directly translates to “about taste and smell there isn’t anything to argue.”

2. Yoga by the Mediterranean Sea

Join a free yoga session at the Tel Aviv Port to start your weekend off relaxed, together.

Keywords: שְׁאִיפָה, נְשִׁיפָה

Translation: inhalation, exhalation

Transliteration: sheh-ee-fah, nesh-ee-fah

Insider’s Tip: The word לִשְׁאֹוף means both “to inhale” and “to aspire.”

3. Spare or strike?

On the border of Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv is a bowling alley to bring back those childhood memories.

Keywords: נוֹסְטַלְגִּי

Translation: nostalgic

Transliteration: noh-stahl-gee

4. Climb the wall.

Take a leap of faith and climb new heights together. Tel Aviv has a number of different rock climbing walls, including Performance Rock and at Yarkon Park.

Keywords: לְטַפֵּס, טִיפּוּס

Translation: to climb, climbing

Transliteration: leh-tah-pes, tee-poos

5. Hummus picnic

Tel Aviv has endless spots for picnics. Visit Independence Park, overlooking the ocean, or Meir Garden, a quiet haven adjacent to King George Street for a relaxing date together.

Keywords: רָגוּעַ, לַנֶּגֶב

Translation: relaxing, to wipe

Transliteration: rah-goo-ah, leh-nah-gev.

Insider’s Tip: Israelis use the word לְנַגֵּב as slang with regard to hummus, as in “to dip.”

6. Another coat of paint

Nothing’s more fun than getting a little dirty and painting together! Check out Paint Date Tel Aviv for a romantic and fun date idea.

Keywords: אָמֵן (m), אָמָּנִית (f)

Translation: artist

Transliteration: oh-mahn (m), oh-mahn-eet (f).

7. Amusement parks

What’s more romantic than riding the ferris wheel together and seeing the whole city from above? Visit Tel Aviv’s Luna Park for a wild time.

Keywords: גַּלְגַּל עֲנַק

Translation: ferris wheel

Transliteration: gal-gal ah-nahk

8. Ride bikes around the city.

Don’t own a bike or scooter? Tel Aviv has plenty of shared options! Ride along one of the many bike routes in the city, such as along the beach or through Yarkon Park.

Keywords: לִרְכֹּוב, לַעֲקֹוף

Translation: to ride, to pass (while driving or riding)

Transliteration: leer-kohv, lah-ah-kohf

9. Photography / Street Art Tour

Tel Aviv has so many sights to photograph! From the beach to the city’s urbanscapes, you’ll find Instagram-worthy graffiti, gardens, and plenty of surprises. Take a graffiti tour in Florentine for some exceptional photo-ops.

Keywords: סִיּוּר, נוֹף

Translation: tour, view

Transliteration: see-yoor, nohf

10. Date in the Dark

The Na Laga’at Center in Jaffa has concerts and dining in the dark to amplify your hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The venue is staffed almost entirely by visually or hearing-impaired employees, and is run by a non-profit.

Keywords: חוּשִׁים, חֹושֶׁךְ

Translation: senses, darkness

Transliteration: choo-sheem, choh-shech

Insider’s Tip: When trusting your intuition, use the expression תְּחוּשַׁת בֶּטֶן(t’choo-shaht beh-ten – gut instinct).

11. Escape Room

Get your heart beating by locking yourselves together in a room alone, and trying to escape!

Keywords: לִבְרֹוחַ, מַנְעוּל

Translation: to escape, lock

Transliteration: leev-roh-ahch, mahn-ool

12. Watch a play at HaBima Theatre.

For the art lovers, get your tickets for one of the outstanding plays, operas, or even TEDx Tel Aviv.

Keywords: הַצָּגָה, לְשַׂחֵק

Translation: a play, to act

Transliteration: hah-tzah-gah, leh-sah-chek

13. See a concert at Yarkon Park.

As Madonna says, “Music makes the people come together.”

Keywords: לַהֲקָה, לִרְקֹוד

Translation: a band, to dance

Transliteration: leh-hah-kah, leer-kohd

14. Please your taste buds at a food festival.

Tel Aviv hosts a number of food festivals every year, and is ranked as one of the top foodie cities in the world.

Keywords: תַּבְלִינִים, תַּבְשִׁיל

Translation: spices, a dish

Transliteration: tahv-lee-neem, tahv-sheel

Insider Tip: תַּבְשִׁיל comes from the same root as לְבַשֵּׁל which means “to cook.”

15. The Bat Sheva Dance Company

For those of you who love to watch dance shows, here’s an alternative date idea. Bat Sheva is a world-renowned dance team which performs at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.

Keywords: מַרְשִׁים, גְּמִישׁוּת

Translation: impressive, flexibility

Transliteration: mar-sheem, g’mee-shoot

16. Paddleboat at Yarkon Park

Escape the noise of the city and relax on the calm waters of the Yarkon River. (You won’t believe you’re not in Switzerland.)

Keywords: סִירָה, לַחְתֹּור

Translation: boat, to paddle

Transliteration: see-rah, lahch-tor

17. Wakeboard at Lake Tel Aviv

Get wet and wild with a wakeboarding session … for adrenaline junkies only!

Keywords: לְהֵרָטֵב, טֵרוּף

Translation: to wet, craziness

Transliteration: leh-heh-rah-tev, teh-roof

Insider’s Tip: The Hebrew word for “sauce” (רֹוטֶב roh-tev) and “to wet” (לְהֵרָטֵב) both come from the same root: ר-ט-ב

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