These 9 Memes About Israel Are So Hysterically True

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

These hilarious memes sum up the undeniable truth of what it means to live in Tel Aviv and Israel!

1. Tel Aviv and relationships

Keywords to know: זוּגִיּוּת (relationship)

Transliteration: zoo-gee-yoot

2. Apartment hunting

Keywords to know: דִּירָה (apartment)

Transliteration: deer-rah

3. The maze that is Dizengoff Center

Keywords to know: מָבוֹךְ (maze)

Transliteration: mah-vohch

4. Outside the bubble

Keywords to know: מִדְבָּר (desert)

Transliteration: meed-bar

5. Work it out

Keywords to know: חֻפְשַׁת חַג (holiday break)

Transliteration: choof-shaht chahg

6. No words

Keywords to know: תִּסְפֹּרֶת (haircut), לָמָּה לֹא (why not)

Transliteration: tees-por-ret (haircut), lah-mah loh (why not)

7. Israel at large

Keywords to know: מַפָּה (map)

Transliteration: mah-pah

8. Hummus for days

Keywords to know: רוּטִינָה (routine)

Transliteration: roo-tee-nah

9. Secret Tel Aviv

Keywords to know: קְבוּצַת פֶיְסְבּוּק (Facebook group)

Transliteration: kvoo-tzaht facebook

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