Top 10 LGBTQ Hebrew Words You Need to Know

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Shachar Grembek
Shachar Grembek

1. אוחץ’, אוחתי , אוחצ’ה

Transliteration: Och’tcha, Och’tch, Och’ti

Meaning: Nickname for a feminine gay man. Can also be used as a term of endearment between straight women.

2. בּוץ’/בּוצ’ה

Transliteration: Butch, Butch’ah

Meaning: Butch. Nickname for a masculine Lesbian.

3. דוב

Transliteration: Dov

Meaning: Bear. Used by gay men to describe a husky, large man with lots of body hair.

4. ‘וודג

Transliteration: wedge

Meaning: a face

4. וִיֶאז’ה

Transliteration: Vie-ja

Meaning: Nickname for an old gay man

6. לִירְד/לארד

Transliteration: leerd

Meaning: A hot guy

7. לְלָרְלֶר

Transliteration: Le’lar’ler

Meaning: To speak endlessly, to not shut up.

8. נֶש

Transliteration: nesh

Meaning: Feminine

9. קוּקִיצָה

Transliteration: koo-ki-tza

Meaning: Originating from the word Cookie. A young gay guy, usually very colorfully dressed.

10. תרימי

Transliteration: Ta’ree’mee

Meaning: Cheer up, and get excited!


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Shachar Grembek is the founder of LGBTech, a Tel Aviv-based organization of tech professionals dedicated to enriching a strong community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other awesome people.


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