15 “Wombos” (Word Combinations) You Need to Know in Hebrew

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

1. סוף שבוע) סופ”ש)

Translation: weekend

Transliteration: soh-fahsh

2. סכין + כף + מזלג) סכו”ם)

Translation: utensils / cutlery (knife + spoon + fork)

Transliteration: sah-koom (sah-keen + kahf + mahz-leg)

3. צבא הגנה לישראל) צה”ל)

Translation: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Transliteration: tzah-hahl (tzah-vah hah-gah-nah leh-yees-rah-el)

4. מזל טוב) מזל”ט)

Translation: congratulations

Transliteration: mahz-laht (mah-zal tov)

5. בלתי מתוכנן) בלת”ם)

Translation: unplanned

Transliteration: bahl-tahm (beel-tee meh-tooch-nahn)

6. חזרה לשיגרה) חזל”ש)

Translation: back to normal

Transliteration: chahz-lahsh (chah-zer-ah leh-shee-grah)

7. קורות חיים) קו”ח)

Translation: résumé / CV

Transliteration: kohch (kor-oht chai-eem)

8. דתי לשעבר) דתל”ש)

Translation: formerly religious

Transliteration: daht-lash (dah-tee leh-sheh-ah-var)

9. שנת צהריים) שנ”צ)

Translation: nap

Transliteration: sh’nahtz (sh’naht tzah-hah-rai-eem)

10. גבינה צהובה) גבנ”צ)

Translation: yellow cheese

Transliteration: gahv’natz (g’vee-nah tzoo-vah)

11. לוח זמנים) לו”ז)

Translation: schedule

Transliteration: looz (l00-ahch z’mahn-eem)

12. חוץ לארץ) חו“ל)

Translation: outside of Israel, abroad

Transliteration: chool (chootz lah-ar-etz)

13. דרישת שלום) ד”ש)

Translation: regards (e.g. send my regards)

Transliteration: dahsh (dree’shaht shah-lohm)

14. להט”ב

Translation: LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)

Transliteration: lah-hah-tahb

15. נמל התעופה בן-גוריון) נתב”ג)

Translation: Ben-Gurion Airport

Transliteration: naht-bahg (nah-mahl hah-teh-oo-fah ben goo-ree-ohn)

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