Work of Art: 4 Do-It-Yourself Costume Ideas for Purim

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Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman

When it comes to homemade costumes, the do-it-yourself possibilities are almost endless.

It’s this time of the year when we can bring out whatever childish creativity that’s left in us, though we’re on our way to becoming a more mature person. So, have you figured what to wear on Purim yet?

If you’re looking for fresh, unique and creative this Purim, you’ve come to the right place!

Oh Jeff I Love You Too But…

Are you a rebellious spirit? Do you want to show “The Man” you’re not going to conform this Purim? Then try a pop art costume! Pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol rebelled against tradition by leaving their proverbial marks with dots and bold colors.

This one is for the ladies who are more skilled in the makeup department, and will definitely need a little extra time to prepare.

Roy Lichtenstein was best known for his pop art, most of which featured figures drawn in a comic-book style. One of the most defining factors is that every character’s skin tone is made up of little pink or red uniform dots. Also, be sure to define your brows, eyes and lip outlines.

Check out the many YouTube tutorials and gather the necessary makeup, tools and brushes. It’s strongly recommended to use costume or waterproof makeup; basically any type that won’t smudge with sweat or water.

Some people apply makeup only to the face and neck areas, but if you’re feeling adventurous, continue the dots all along your forearms and visible skin areas. A brightly coloured wig would be a perfect finishing touch to your look.

Wear a simple outfit and hairstyle, since you don’t want to overshadow your amazing makeup. Everyone will be amazed by this costume and will beg to take photos with you, guaranteed!

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Life-Imitating Art

Banksy street art has inspired millions of people around the world, so why not turn his work into simple and clever Purim costumes!

For her: It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Grab your favorite black dress, tights and boots and, pair them with a red heart shaped balloon to recreate Banksy’s Girl with Balloon. This is a super cool costume, even if you aren’t into Banksy — just wear a black dress with a white collar, carry around an umbrella with strings attached, and put a black-and-white filter on any picture you take.

You may not know the name of the painting, but I’m sure if you’ve seen The Son of Man by Belgian painter René Magritte. This one is pretty simple — print a blown-up version of The Son of Man, cut out the apple, and fasten it to your bowler hat. Will you be able to see? Probably not, but whatever.

Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait

With red hair, or red hair dye, you’re already halfway there. Perhaps the most time-consuming part is the face makeup. Van Gogh was a post-Impressionist known for creating paintings with thick brush strokes and huge globs of paint. Likewise, he also made his self-portraits this way.

To resemble Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, take a brush and sweep thick strokes of liquid foundation (preferably with multiple shades) onto your entire face. Keep doing so until your face is wrinkly with foundation. When the foundation has dried, take a brush, dab it into some faint blue eye shadow, and sweep more lines onto your face.

When you’re done with the makeup, streak different shades of blue and white onto a denim jacket or blue blazer. Practice the most tortured expression you can manage, and boom — Van Gogh. Make your costume more believable by wrapping a white bandage around your left ear.


Beth Zuckerman is a former Upper Westsider (New York) who made aliyah eight years ago. She’s a coffee addict and a lover of classical rock, as well as the Content and Marketing Manager at talknsave.

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