The Worst English-to-Hebrew Movie Translations

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

The Worst English-to-Hebrew Movie Translations
Just as the old saying goes, things get lost in translation. This sentiment is especially true in Hebrew.

Need a good laugh? Check out the ten worst English to Hebrew movie translations we could find.

1. Frozen- לשבור את הקרח

Transliteration: leesh’bor et ha’ke’rach
Meaning: Breaking the ice

2. Home Alone- שכחו אותי בבית

Transliteration: sha’he’hoo oh’tee ba’ba’yeet
Meaning: They forgot me at home

3. The Shawshank Redemption- חומות של תקווה

Transliteration: Ho’mot shel Teek’va
Meaning: Walls of hope

4. I feel pretty- מרגישה פצצה

Transliteration: Mar’gee’sha’ ptza’tza
Meaning: I feel like a bombshell

5. Dead Poets Society – ללכת שבי אחריו

Transliteration: la’le’het she’vee ah’ha’rav
Meaning: Follow him admirably

6. Stand by me – אני והחבר’ה

Transliteration: Ani ve ha’he’vre
Meaning: Me and the guys

7. Hangover- בדרך לחתונה עוצרים בווגאס

Transliteration: ba’der’ech la ha’too’na otz’reem be’ veg-ahs
Meaning: On the way to the wedding we’ll stop in Vegas

8. Knocked up – הדייט שתקע אותי

Transliteration: Ha’dayt sheh ta’kah oh’tee
Meaning: The date that screwed me

9. Alien – הנוסע השמיני

Transliteration: Ha’no’se’ah ha shmee’nee
Meaning: The 8th passenger

10. Superbad – חרמן על הזמן

Transliteration: Har’man al ha’zman

Meaning: So this meaning needs a deeper analysis. Taken from the Hebrew slang term “חבל על הזמן” (ha’val al’ ha’zman) which is literally translated to “waste on the time,” but is used to mean a lot of different things like “it was great!” or “amazing” or “it was a waste of time” depending on the context.

So, חרמן על הזמן literally means “horny on the time.”

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