#WTF Series – Elections Again

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

In three week, for the first time ever, Israel is going for a second election in the same year. Confused? You should be! We are here to tell you all about it in this social and insightful night.

Here are some of the questions discussed:

  • Why are we even going for a second election?
  • How did the parties change since the last elections, AND WHY?
  • What are the big issues the parties are raising?
  • What do the parties actually have to offer?
  • What does it mean for Israel if Netanyahu will or will not be elected.

The discussion will be lead by Omer Nachmani

Omer is a Citizen cafe teacher and a long time political activist. He led the struggle for the rights for same sex bereaved families, started the movement “Blue and white Pride” for the service of women and LGBTQ at combat positions in the army and is the head of the LGBTQ unit in the labor party. Today Omer is an advisor and activist for the Democratic Wing party.

Entrance is free, but you must RSVP.

WHEN: Tuesday, 10th of September @ 19:00

WHERE: Mindspace, Rothschild 45. 1st floor open lounge

This event is held in English.


Bring your toughest questions on Israeli politics; we have answers.


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