Corporate Programs​

Give your international talent the tools they
need to truly feel like a part of the team.

Connect your international talent to local culture

Retaining your international talent means making sure they feel like a true part of the team.

Our Hebrew courses focus on the most relevant Hebrew so that your employees can take part in conversations, understand cultural nuances, and feel a sense of belonging at work.

As the leading corporate Hebrew program, we provide accessible courses that fit with busy work schedules and leave your employees with a sense of success and confidence.

International employees have
three essential needs:


Hebrew skills necessary to navigate daily life with more ease & confidence


An understanding of local culture norms


Feeling a sense of community & connection to Israel

When your top-talent becomes more confident in their Hebrew they can connect more meaningfully at work and enrich their lives outside of work

Our Offer for Businesses

Our method is based on three guiding principles that fall under the category of social-emotional learning 

Our Method

Our method is based on three guiding principles that fall under the category of social-emotional learning

Real-Life Hebrew

Our lessons are built upon relevant, everyday dialogues that combine culture with language, lifestyle with art, and proper Hebrew with slang.

Real-Time Dynamics

Our classes are high-energy and rhythmic in order to create a fun environment for trial and error and boost participation.

Real Moments of Success

Our courses are designed to be a rewarding process so that you can build your speaking muscle and gain immediate value and confidence.

What We Offer

Class Sizes

Maximum 12 students per class

Online &
In-Person Classes

Join us from anywhere in the world or IRL in Tel Aviv

11 Levels
of Hebrew

We’ve got options to fit beginner, intermediate, and advanced students


Highly trained in our method and dedicated to your success

Time Efficient Classes

Twice-weekly, 90-minute lessons

Bonus Practice

Review material with 60-minute sessions led by our teachers

Our Courses

Learn the most practical, immersive, and modern Hebrew with our groundbreaking method that teaches you to speak Hebrew with more ease and confidence.
Join us from anywhere in the world or learn with us in-person at our campus in the heart of Tel Aviv!

For us, language is so much more than just grammar and vocabulary, Our method focuses on border aspects of the Israeli culture and mindset so that our students can truly immerse themselves in the Israeli experience.


Our Students Span 30+ Countries


Diverse Hebrew


Classes Taught
Per Day


offered a year


Hours of
Hebrew taught

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