How to Hack the Israeli Culture

A dynamic one-hour talk that brings a refreshing new approach about how to feel more connected to local Israeli culture

A Cultural Immersion Experience

Hosted by Tamar Pross, an Israeli-Australian entrepreneur and the founder of Citizen Café Tel Aviv, this dynamic one-hour talk explores real-life examples, with essential tips and tools on how to truly master day-to-day personal, work and social life as a local in Israel.

The interesting part about this talk was how it altered my perception of everyday interactions. By understanding the dichotomies Tamar explains, I have been able to socialize on a more personal level. By being more open and forward, it’s been amazing to see how Israelis in particular have responded more positively to me than when I first arrived here!

Harry Ehrlich

Tamar’s talk was like pulling back a curtain. She made so much sense, and her insights rang totally true to my experience. I understand things much more clearly now. Her observations are so relevant, I even find myself quoting her to others.

Nancy Cahners
Every person in the room was inspired and completely engaged by Tamar’s presentation. Tamar’s speaking style, real talk and perspective are completely fresh. Her accessible storytelling is packed with facts, wisdom, useful tools, humor and heart.
Mia Schon

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Watch: Stereotypes

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