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Tel Aviv

From Catalonia to Israel: The Many Languages of Home

with Albert Escola


In this episode we’re hosting Albert Escola, a Spanish architect who followed his heart and moved across the sea, and is now proud to call Israel his home.

Albert shares his journey of cultural integration in the vibrant Israeli society, and explores the significance of personal connections, the challenges of language, and the unique linguistic environment within his own household – raising his child in three languages. Albert also reflects on his experiences as a high-profile individual in Israel and the country’s progress in LGBTQIA+ rights and representation. Through his personal stories, he uncovers the complexities and joys of adapting to life in Israel and embracing diversity.

Albert Escola Tel Aviv Unplugged

Albert Escola

Spanish architect and interior designer, who moved to Israel after falling in love with Israeli TV host Assi Azar. For the past ten years, Albert has immersed himself into Israeli culture, learning the language at Citizen Café, meeting Israelis, and discovering the country.

Tamar Pross

Israeli-Australian entrepreneur, cross-cultural expert and founder of Citizen Café Tel Aviv. Sought-after speaker and coach, offering strategies for success in diverse cultures and language learning.

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