Tamar Pross Aleeza Ben Shalom Tel Aviv unplugged Podcast War Episode

Tel Aviv

Hebrew, Love, and Resilience in a Time of War (Special Edition)

with Aleeza Ben Shalom


In this special episode of Tel Aviv Unplugged we reconnect with Aleeza Ben Shalom, renowned as “the Jewish matchmaker,” amidst the ongoing tumult of war in Israel. Seeking Aleeza’s unique perspective and personal experiences in these challenging times, we explore the complexity of life across different Israeli regions. Aleeza shares profound insights and her unwavering commitment to her work despite adversity, elaborating on her recent tour in the United States focused on fostering unity within Jewish communities.

Throughout the conversation, Aleeza reflects on the impact of crises on matchmaking and relationships during turbulent periods. She sheds light on the remarkable resilience and unity displayed by communities facing adversity, highlighting the exceptional strength Israelis exhibit while navigating daily life amid ongoing turmoil, and emphasizes the significance of language, particularly Hebrew, in sustaining connections during such trying times.

Aleeza Ben Shalom Tel Aviv unplugged Podcast

Aleeza Ben Shalom

American-Israeli soulmate clarity coach, in-demand speaker, expert, and author of Get Real, Get Married, and Virtual Dating. You may also recognize Aleeza from her appearance in Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix and the web series Soon By You or EliTalks.

Tamar Pross

Israeli-Australian entrepreneur, cross-cultural expert and founder of Citizen Café Tel Aviv. Sought-after speaker and coach, offering strategies for success in diverse cultures and language learning.

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