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Tel Aviv

Swipe Across Cultures: The Art of Cross-Cultural Matchmaking

with Aleeza Ben Shalom


Step into the world of cross-cultural relationships and modern matchmaking! Our guest is Aleeza Ben Shalom, a world renowned dating and relationship coach, best known as the “Jewish Matchmaker” from the successful Netflix show!

Aleeza will delve into the intricate dance of love, values, and cultural differences. Through insightful conversations and real-life anecdotes, Aleeza explores how people from diverse backgrounds navigate the challenges and joys of building meaningful connections. Discover the power of directness, the beauty of blending cultures, and the art of finding your perfect match in a globalized world.

Aleeza Ben Shalom Tel Aviv unplugged Podcast

Aleeza Ben Shalom

American-Israeli soulmate clarity coach, in-demand speaker, expert, and author of Get Real, Get Married, and Virtual Dating. You may also recognize Aleeza from her appearance in Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix and the web series Soon By You or EliTalks.

Tamar Pross

Israeli-Australian entrepreneur, cross-cultural expert and founder of Citizen Café Tel Aviv. Sought-after speaker and coach, offering strategies for success in diverse cultures and language learning.

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