Tamar Pross Itai Anghel Tel Aviv Unplugged

Tel Aviv

Cultural Lenses: Unveiling Worlds Through Real Stories

with Itai Anghel


Itai Anghel has been traveling the world for more than 30 years, fearlessly exploring the most dangerous conflict zones. In this episode, Itai guides us through the journey of reporting from war-torn regions and shares the Israeli spirit of passion, entrepreneurship, and audacity. He explores blending in, language acquisition, and the challenge of being Israeli abroad.

Discover his unique perspective on directness, his way of immersing as an insider coming from the outside, and the stories he unveils by creating genuine connections with real people. He also talks about what makes him proud of his Israeli identity, and shares some childhood memories and his thoughts about the essence of Tel Aviv nowadays.

Itai Anghel Tel Aviv Unplugged

Itai Anghel

One of the most prominent TV journalists in Israel, who was awarded the 'Sokolov Prize' - the highest prize for journalism in Israel. His latest documentary from the frontline in Ukraine is currently nominated to the Emmy award. He is known for his unique field-work and in-depth documentaries. Itai has the unique ability to deeply and fearlessly explore the most dangerous hot-spots around the globe, including conflict areas such as Syria, Iraq, etc.

Tamar Pross

Israeli-Australian entrepreneur, cross-cultural expert and founder of Citizen Café Tel Aviv. Sought-after speaker and coach, offering strategies for success in diverse cultures and language learning.

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