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Explaining Israel to the World: What Can WE Do? (War Edition)

with Joanna Landau


Awakening to a new reality on October 7th, we found Israel in a battle for its survival. As a response to these critical times, we’ve created this special episode of Tel Aviv Unplugged. Our guest, Joanna Landau, CEO of Vibe Israel, stands at the forefront of reshaping global perceptions about Israel through innovative branding strategies.

In this episode, Joanna delves deep into nuanced narratives, powerful emotional triggers, and the urgent need to alter the discourse in the wake of the gripping Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She explores the impactful role of social media, the sway of personal stories, and the ethical considerations behind reshaping the narrative – all while sharing relevant data. This episode not only sheds light on the current situation but also equips you with actionable insights to support Israel’s narrative during these challenging times.

Tel Aviv Unplugged Joanna Landau Tamar Pross Citizen Cafe Tel Aviv

Joanna Landau

Best-selling author of “Ethical Tribing: Connecting the Next Generation to Israel in the Digital Era,” Joanna is an expert on country branding, Israel’s soft power, and the unique challenges Israel faces when building its global reputation. Recognized by Forbes Israel as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Israel, Joanna worked as a lawyer in Israel’s high tech industry, established two Tel Aviv-based start ups, and is the Founder, President and former CEO of Vibe Israel.

Tamar Pross

Israeli-Australian entrepreneur, cross-cultural expert and founder of Citizen Café Tel Aviv. Sought-after speaker and coach, offering strategies for success in diverse cultures and language learning.

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