Meet The Students

Meet our students - Alex


New York
Venture Capital Fund
"Citizen Cafe has gone above and beyond my initial expectations. Seamlessly learning to speak, listen, and interpret a new language has made learning Hebrew not only fun but actually successful. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The teachers truly understand what it means to teach someone a new language"
Meet our students - Rina


New York
Photo & Video Producer
"What I like about Citizen Café is the focus on conversation and repetition. It feels like a safe space to practice all the new vocabulary I'm learning and gives me the confidence I need to speak more in public."
Meet our students - Coco


Masa Intern
"My experience studying Hebrew at Citizen Café was amazing. I’d never tried that way of learning and I was surprised by the results. Also, I loved attending Citizen because I got to spend a great time with [my teacher] Yaaley and my classmates."
Meet our students - Mathew


Rochester, NY
Content Lead
"Citizen Cafe is some kind of magician, turning classroom learning into a dynamic environment to get excited about where I could find a voice in Hebrew too. It's truly a great experience."
Meet our students - Elena


Tampa, Florida
MA Graduate
"Citizen Café’s method has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way. It has given me the confidence to speak with my family, on the streets, and with new friends"
Meet our students - Silvia


Laser Scientist
"When you can understand Hebrew in a movie after just one semester you realize their method really works!"
Meet our students - Kristoffer


Project Manager
"My experience with Citizen Café - at first on Zoom and since recently also on-campus - has been mind-blowing..."
Meet our students - Greg


Graphic Designer & Artist
"When I found Citizen Café and saw how they not only taught Hebrew but focused on the culture of Tel Aviv, I knew this is where I wanted to study."
Meet our students - Ava


French West Indies
"Love the vibes and energy learning as a team as well as learning the real Telavivian language!"
Meet our students - Adina


New York
"I love that I can do [the classes] on Zoom from my apartment in New York - it makes me feel so close to Israel even when I'm far away!"
Meet our students - Melisa


Los Angeles
Realtor & Photographer
"I've only started at Citizen Café and I'm already getting over my fear of speaking in front of people!"
Meet our students - Yu


Full-time student
"I had the best learning experience with Citizen Café. The course taught me how to speak like an Israeli... I use most of the phrases that I learn from them on a daily basis."


Portland, Oregon
Fair Housing Coordinator
"I have absolutely loved studying Hebrew with Citizen Cafe! The teachers are so talented and keep you engaged and excited about learning and speaking Hebrew. The subject matter feels super relevant and I feel confident and motivated to use what I’ve learned with my Israeli friends!"

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Citizen Café Student


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