19 Hilarious Hebrew Words to Call Everyone in Your Social Circles

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Forget “cool” and “nice” — here are much more “creative” ways to call your friends, family, romantic partner, and colleagues.

1. For those you respect

Keywords: תּוֹתָח / תּוֹתָחית

Translation: canon

Transliteration: toh-tahch (m) / toh-tah-cheet (f)

2. For those you admire

Keywords: גִּיבּוֹר / גִּיבּוֹרָה

Translation: hero

Transliteration: gee-bor (m) / gee-bor-ah (f)

3. For those you adore

Keywords: נָסִיךְ / נְסִיכָה

Translation: prince / princess

Transliteration: nah-seech (m) / neh-see-chah (f)

4. For those closest to you

Keyword: נְשָׁמָה

Translation: soul, spirit

Transliteration: neh-shah-mah

5. For those who look in-shape

Keyword: בִּרְיוֹן

Translation: muscular, well-built (literally “bully”)

Transliteration: beer-ee-yohn

6. For your darlings

Keyword: כַּפָּרָה

Translation: darling, sweetheart (literally “atonement”)

Transliteration: kah-par-ah

7. For your good friends

Keywords: חַיִּים שֶׁלִּי

Translation: my life

Transliteration: chai-yeem sheh-lee

8. For those you love

Keywords: עֵינַיִים שֶׁלִּי

Translation: my eyes

Transliteration: ey-nai-eem sheh-lee

9. For your everyday friends

Keywords: חַבִּיבִּי / חֲבִּיבְּתִי (from Arabic)

Translation: friend, mate

Transliteration: chah-bee-bee (m) / chah-beeb-tee (f)

10. For the heavy-hitters

Keyword: כָּרִישׁ

Translation: shark

Transliteration: kah-reesh

11. For the gentlemen

Keywords: גֶּבֶר גֶּבֶר

Translation: real man, macho, a man’s man (literally “man man”)

Transliteration: geh-ver geh-veir

12. For the open-hearted

Keywords: צַדִּיק / צַדִּיקָהּ

Translation: saintly, righteous

Transliteration: tzah-deek (m) / tzah-dee-kah (f)

13. For the sharp tools in the shed

Keywords: שְׁפִּיץ / שְׁפִּיצִית (from German)

Translation: sharp tip

Transliteration: sh’peetz (m) / sh’peetz-eet (f)

14. For everyone and everything cute

Keyword: מֵאִמִּי

Translation: sweetie, darling, honey

Transliteration: mah-mee

15. For the dull ones

Keyword: בְּלוֹק

Translation: block

Transliteration: blohk

16. For those who make you laugh

Keywords: לֵיצָן / לֵיצָנִית

Translation: clown

Transliteration: ley-tzahn (m) / ley-tzah-neet (f)

17. For those you piss you off

Keywords: מַנְיָאק / מַנְיָאקִית

Translation: a**hole

Transliteration: mahn-yahk (m) / mahn-yah-keet (f)

18. For the silly ones

Keywords: שְׁטוּתְנִיק / שְׁטוּתְנִיקִית

Translation: silly person

Transliteration: shtoot-neek (m) / shtoot-nee-keet (f)

19. For the annoying ones

Keywords: נוּדְנִיק / נוּדְנִיקִית

Translation: nuisance, bothersome person

Transliteration: nood-neek (m) / nood-nee-keet (f)

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