Speak Hebrew Like a Local

Whether you’re just starting your Hebrew journey or looking to gain more fluency, our Hebrew courses are the place to be. Learn Hebrew faster and easier.  Our 10-week Hebrew courses are offered at 11 levels, divided into 3 tiers: Foundation, Flow, and Freedom. 

We offer a free 1:1 with a teacher to get a taste of our method. No strings attached!

We offer a free 1:1 with a teacher to get a taste of our method. No strings attached!

What We Offer

Class Sizes

Maximum 12 students per class

Online &
In-Person Classes

Join us from anywhere in the world or IRL in Tel Aviv

11 Levels
of Hebrew

We’ve got options to fit beginner, intermediate, and advanced students


Highly trained in our method and dedicated to your success

Time Efficient Classes

Twice-weekly, 90-minute lessons

Bonus Practice

Review material with 60-minute sessions led by our teachers

Hebrew Courses Levels

We’ve got 11 levels of Hebrew courses that we divide into three tiers: Foundation, Flow, and Freedom. 


Build a strong base & practice speaking Hebrew from your very first class.


Establish and refine your fundamental Hebrew skills starting with the alphabet and continuing on to primary verb tenses, conjugations, vocabulary, and slang. Practice speaking and putting together sentences from the very start!


Expand your Hebrew knowledge and improve your communication skills.


Expand your knowledge with more advanced conjugations, irregular verb structures, conditional statements, and free-form discussions. Gain confidence and ease and practice more advanced conversations.


Fine-tune your fluency and become an amazing conversationalist.


Fine-tune your knowledge by identifying personal mistakes, practicing advanced reading and writing, and exploring advanced vocabulary in live discussions. These courses were created for individuals with a broad background in Hebrew who are looking to fine-tune their skills and achieve Hebrew fluency.

To find out your current level, book your free level assessment! Meet one of our teachers over Zoom, establish your current level, and get a taste of our Hebrew Courses teaching method.

You’ve got options


Learn Hebrew online from anywhere in the world with live classes taught by our local teachers!

Learn Hebrew Online


Join us IRL at our Tel Aviv campus with intimate class sizes and our amazing community of locals.

Learn Hebrew in Person

Bonus Hebrew Practice Sessions

Get free access to our weekly Hebrew practice groups led by Citizen Café teachers – this is our secret sauce for gaining more speaking confidence!

These 60-minute sessions are offered at least four times a week per level and include speaking exercises, a review of material learned in class, and a review of material learned in previous levels.

What Makes Citizen Café Different

Tamar Pross, Citizen Café’s Founder, talks about why she created Citizen Café and what makes our program so distinctive.

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