World Cup in Hebrew – Let the games begin

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Daniella Tourgeman, Hebrew Teacher
Daniella Tourgeman, Hebrew Teacher

The Grand World Cup is an exciting time for many people around the world. You might ask yourself – what does that have to do with Hebrew? Israel is not even part of the games…

Citizen Café’s Hebrew teaching method is influenced by many sports elements including team effort, curiosity and playfulness. Let’s discover why team mentality is the best way to learn a language, and learn some sporty words along the way.

מִשחָק (mees-chahk): A game

This noun comes from the verb לֵשָחֵק (leh-sah-chehk) which means to play or to act. Games and playfulness are at the core of every Citizen Café class!

קבוּצָה (kvoo-tsah): A team, a group

Being a part of a group makes a person stronger; We thrive and shine when we feel a sense of belonging, security, and community. This holds true for any sport, and for our classes as well. The journey is much more fun when shared!

כָּדוּר (kah-door): A ball

Let’s refer to Hebrew in our classes as the ball – our goal is to keep it moving, pass it from one another, and try to score! What’s scoring in a Hebrew lesson? Maybe conjugating to the future tense for the first time! Anything could be a score when you strive for it.

שָחקָן (sahch-kahn): Player, and also actor

A team is made up of its players. Players give and receive from the game. Without players, the game does not exist. That’s why it’s important to engage and involve yourself, take risks, and make mistakes.

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