5 messages to text your loved one in Hebrew

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Daniella Tourgeman, Citizen Café Hebrew Teacher
Daniella Tourgeman, Citizen Café Hebrew Teacher

How many ways are there to say the three magic words – I love you? And how many ways are there for writing them? Isn’t a letter sometimes even more powerful than spoken words? Especially when talking about love!

I guess there is a reason for so many love songs, poems and books written about love- it makes the world go round, and communicating it is an endless discovery. With the fast pace of the world today, we all know how hard it could be to keep intimacy and warmth at hand, and also how important it is. Words are a powerful thing, they can create realities, and they can invoke love – words can revive anything, which makes the art of conveying love through text a beautiful task . A written word could be read again for years to come. The words we write and read, this transaction of energy, changes us.

And how does one communicate in today’s world? Of course, through technology! May it be through email, twitter, WhatsApp, and more – so many of these apps and platforms are word based. The writing initiates a vision, from there the thread of communication starts, and not even the sky’s the limit. Special, unexpected bonds form, sometimes simply from the well placed and worded ‘Hello’ at the right time. People are looking for love, as they always have, and everything counts. I have so many friends who ended up marrying someone they met on OK Cupid and when I ask them – “But how did it feel? How did you really get to know each other?” They answer -”we texted for a while!” Texting is a form of courtship in 2022, and can actually reach depth and realness when used right. Happily ever after – the AI style.

There is no doubt that texting as a tool for communication is a massive development that will keep growing and expanding, and it’s important to know how to use it and go about in the world.
Speaking and writing love has always been an art, and a personal way of expression. In today’s world, amazing poems and the most loving gestures, big or small , can be found written in a WhatsApp message.

So how do we do all of this, in Hebrew? Being the special language that it is, fusing old and modern slang – even speaking Hebrew is an adventure. Writing in Hebrew, which is one of the first ever written languages, is a marvelous thing! There are so many words for love and affection, and because of its fluidity, there are many ways to put them in a sentence and write them! Hebrew will actually reveal itself even more when written, unlocking all the beauty it holds, and magic within the letters and their different meanings. Texting in Hebrew can be fun, intimate and expressive, just like speaking it.

Here is a special list of ways to text ‘I love you’ in Hebrew!

אני אוהב/ת אותך (ah-nee oh-hehv [m.] / oh-hehv-veht [f.] oh-tahch  [f.] / oht-chah [m.])
Literally: I love you
The classic way for these words in Hebrew is phrased like this, and it can be said to friends/partners/family members/whoever you love! It actually never gets old.

אני מת/ה עלייך (ah-nee meht alah-eech /  ah-nee meh-tah ah-leh-chah)
Literally: I’m dead on you
But it actually means something like ‘I love you and the way you are so so much’. This is such a weird phrase but is so commonly used in Hebrew and Israel. My DM’s are actually more full of these than the classic ‘I Love you’. This is a general term of endearment for things, people, places. It reflects a closeness between friends, and is more slang than anything. Such a Jewish thing to say – you’re dead for something and actually mean you love it!

אהבה שלי (ah-hah-vah sheh-lee)
Literally: love of mine
Similar to love אהבה (ah-hah-vah), my love אהוב (ah-hoov) and אהובה (ah-hoo-vah)  means also ‘favorite’ as in favorite book/film etc. So this text would mean something like – you are my favorite person! It’s a sweet and quite gentle way to express intimacy, friendship and love.

מאוהב/ת בך (meh-oh-hav [m.] / meh-oh-heh-veht [f.] behcha[m.] / bahch [f.])
Literally: in love with you
להתאהב (leh-heet-ah-hehv) is to fall in love, so this verb is the active way of saying – I’m already in love with you 🙂 It could be used also as an answer to something, for example if you ask your date – did you remember to reserve a place for us? And he/she says yes – you could write back – in love with you! A very Israeli, non-distant way of communication.

Israel is a warm country, geographically but also emotionally and culturally. These phrases and texts really show how affection is approached in a direct and unapologetic manner, and how texting in Hebrew can feel fun and free, mirroring the Israeli mentality. All that’s left is to try it out! See how it feels and how much freedom it gives you with Hebrew and its expressions.

Here is our ‘I love you’ in Hebrew playlist where you can find these phrases in beautiful Israeli songs! Look for them and enjoy:))



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